Emergency Water Damage Escondido Ca

Water Damage Escondido Ca

:Escondido is a beautiful town in southern California that is home to thousands of great people, but once in a while disaster strikes. If you have been the victim of water damage in their homes, there are a few common causes that often crop up again and again. Here are a few of the most common causes.

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Southern California has been a frequent hot spot for earthquakes, especially over the last decade or so. Earthquakes can cause flooding and water damage in Escondido in several different ways. A tsunami isn’t completely out of the question in the san diego  area , but wont reach escondido for sure. A tsunami is a giant wave that can strike many miles inland. The recent quakes in Japan caused a tsunami that damaged hundreds of thousands of homes.

More often than not , a  break the pipes in your walls or overflow is the cause of water damage at home. Broken pipes are the leading cause of flooding and can flood your  home with water in just a few hours. While it is impossible to prevent earthquake damage, you can be prepared by having the phone number of Silver Olas on hand. They can repair Escondido water damage throughout your home.

While the Southern California climate is quite dry, flash floods can happen. A flash flood is when a great deal of rainfall falls over a very short period of time. The drainage systems in place can’t handle all of the water at once and flooding occurs in low lying areas. First off, it is important to know if your home is in a flood plain. If it is, keep personal items off the floor of your basement. Keep belongings on shelves to protect them from water that can enter your property. You’ll also want to keep the phone number for Silver Olas nearby.

Broken pipe causes water damage in Escondido

Finally, pipes can break for a number of different reasons. If your home is a bit on the old side, pipes can simply wear out and break. If you ever need to dig a deep hole on your property, be sure you know where the pipes are under the ground. Every year, thousands of water pipes are broken by accident.

Escondido water damage doesn’t have to ruin your life. With quick action, you can save your belongings and your home. Call Silver Olas today for a free in-home estimate. Don’t delay, the damage associated with floods and standing water can be reversed.

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