Poway Water Damage Restoration

When it comes to dealing with Poway flood damage, time is your enemy. You’ll need to act fast to minimize the lasting damage in your home. First off, don’t panic. When most people open their front door to find a small ocean has formed where their carpet used to be, the shock can be overwhelming. It is important to stay calm, however, as you will need to act quickly and decisively. Make sure that the area is safe to enter. Ensure that your children and pets are nowhere near the flooded area and be careful not to slip on any slick surface. Try to find the

Source of the water or sewage.

Carefully walk into the flooded area and search for the valve turn-off that cuts water to your home. This valve can be at floor level or behind the toilet or under the sink in the cabinet. When you moved into your home, you should have been shown where this valve is. Bring a flashlight if necessary. Once the leaky water source has been shut off , attempt to evaluate the flooded area. Try and remove any and all personal belongings from the area and lay them out flat to dry. As quickly as possible, call 866 Fix Flood for a free in home estimate. The sooner the standing water is pumped out of your home, the sooner the recovery process can begin. 866 Fix Flood company will employ the latest drying technology to your home to restore not only surface areas but deep within your walls. The biggest risk for any flooded area is mold and mildew if no professional drying is used . It is only with proper drying that you can stop any chance for secondary damage like mold or mildew during any flood job.

Take photos of water damaged areas

If possible, take photographs of the flooded area to show to the insurance company. They’ll want as much documented proof to back up the claim you make. Try and track down what started the flood in the first place. If it was a faulty pipe, you may have legal recourse.

The good folks at 866 Fix Flood are here to help you recover fast from any Poway emergency flood damage. With their excellent work ethic and commitment to doing the job right, water damage can be reduced to a nuisance instead of a life-changing event.

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